Campus Life

Work-Life Balance

Finding the right balance between one’s work and (private) life is important. A good work-life balance is important to maintain health and happiness. As students, we want to ensure that you gain a healthy work-life balance in your studies. The academic program you are enrolled in is full-time, high-level and demanding on your time. However, we envision that you will not be working much more than 40 hours a week total for your studies, so that you can also enjoy living in Osaka, making friends and have leisure time. So please let us know if you are working significantly more than 40 hours a week (attending classes plus homework), so that we can think of a way to improve your work-life balance.

Also, as students you are allowed to engage in part-time work. We understand the need and desire to do so. In our view, doing part-time work for about 10 hours a week, however, should be the limit, as otherwise your work-life balance will suffer. And we want you to remember that your top priority should always be your studies, followed by leisure and only then part-time work.

If we can help you in any way or you have any questions, please make sure to talk to your Cohort Advisor or any of your G30 instructors as early as possible. We are here not only for your academic instruction, but we always have an open ear for any kinds of other concerns as well.

On-Campus Activities

Besides having a busy study life, why not treat yourself to something good? Having a cup of coffee and chatting with other Japanese and international students or even just sitting, relaxing and reading the magazines/newspapers you are familiar with might be a start! Remember, a balanced school life can make your time in Osaka more enjoyable!

Here are a few suggestions for you:

Human Sciences Digest

You can find a lot of information on life in Osaka in our student journal, as well as contribute to its future publications. [Edition 1][Edition 2 ]

English Lounge

The Office of International Exchange (OIE) in the School of Human Sciences is hosting an English Lounge. This lounge will provide you with a great opportunity to learn Japanese culture and customs in English together with students/faculty from inside and outside of Japan. Please come and join in the fun!

Information Room for International Students (IRIS)

The Information Room for International Students (IRIS) is located in the Centre for International Education and Exchange on Suita Campus. IRIS is the place where international students can visit for consultation, or seek information on various matters. IRIS is also the place where international students, Japanese students, faculty and administrative staff of Osaka University as well as host families and volunteers of local communities, visit for many kinds of international exchange activities. The room is open from Monday to Friday (8:30 – 18:00). The room allows you to enjoy a multi-video system, computers, and newspapers and magazines from abroad, among other things.

English Café, Suita

English Café is held every Friday evening during the semester in the Student Cafeteria in the School of Engineering (Famille). It’s a place to make friends from around the world. Come for fun, games, and chat! Free for international students.

Osaka International House Foundation

Osaka International House Foundation is a public-service corporation founded by the city of Osaka, with the purpose of contributing to the internationalization of Japan. They offer consultation, interpretation services and Japanese learning to foreign residents. You can also get the latest information on cultural activities happening in Osaka.

International Café

The international Café, located in the School of Human Sciences, Suita campus, provides a space for international and G30 students to work and relax. The café is located near the main entrance to the Human Sciences building and is clearly marked by signs. There is an indoor area and an outdoor deck area available for your use.

Refresh Rooms

These are rooms located in the main Human Sciences building on the 2nd and 3rd floors near the stairway. These rooms contain vending machines and copy machines. You are free to use these rooms to relax or study.

Life Matters

Immigration Procedures

The new residency management system which began on July 9, 2012 applies to all foreign students who reside legally in Japan for the mid- to long-term with resident status under the Immigration Control Act. You can obtain an overview of the new system here:

Re-entry Permit

You do not need to obtain a re-entry permit if you leave Japan and re-enter within 1 year of your departure. You should present your resident card at departure (if you have been issued with one, otherwise you may be required to present your Alien Registration Certificate as it will be accepted if you do not have a new Resident Card) and ensure that you complete the question on the “Embarkation Card For Re-entrant” (that will be attached to your passport) that specifies you have special permission to leave and re-enter Japan.

If you would like to leave Japan temporarily to visit your home country or visit another country, you should also inform administrative staff in the International College or, from the fourth semester onwards, the School of Human Sciences Academic Affairs Office.

Work Permit for Part-time Jobs

International students who are staying in Japan on the College Student, Cultural Activities, or Dependent visa are not permitted to work full-time. If you would like to do part-time work, you must obtain a work permit issued by the Immigration Bureau. If you are on a College Student visa, you may apply for the work permit through Osaka University. If you are on another visa, you will need to apply for the work permit yourself. We strongly recommend that if you wish to engage in any paid employment that you seek further information on your status or change of status with the International College or the Office of International Exchange in the School of Human Sciences.

Immigration Offices and Other Information Centres

Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau
1-29-53 Nankokita, Suminoe-ku
Telephone: 06-4703-2100
Hours: Monday-Friday; 9:00-16:00

Immigration Information Centre (Osaka Office)
1-29-53 Nankokita, Suminoe-ku
Telephone: 06-4703-2150
Hours: Monday-Friday; 9:00-16:00,Monday- Friday

The centre provides assistance in the following five languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.