1. Where can I work after graduating from the Human Sciences program?

Some HUS graduates return to their home countries and seek employment in companies, NGOs, and in government service. With Japanese language ability and a degree from a world-renowned research university, there should be no limit to employment opportunities. Some graduates will also move on to graduate school, including at graduate programs at Osaka University.

Many graduates also choose to remain in Japan to seek employment. There are many job opportunities for international students upon graduation. In 2009, according to the Japanese Immigration Bureau, there were 8,905 people who changed their status of residence from College Student to one for the purpose of employment. There are also an number of foreign students who participate in internship programs at Japanese firms while enrolled at Japanese universities.

Here are some websites you can use to start your job search.

Osaka University Career and Further Education Website

The Osaka University Career and Further Education website provides many links and useful resources for graduating students. In addition, Osaka University has career counseling offices at all three campuses.

Job Hunting Guide for International Students

The Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) provides a “Job Hunting Guide for International Students” with useful information to start your job hunting in Japan.

The Employment Service Center for Foreigners

The Employment Service Center for Foreigners is a public employment office run by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare specializing in providing job counseling and placement services for non-Japanese students holding a college student visa as well as non-Japanese specialists or technical experts holding a corresponding visa living in Japan and seeking employment in Japan. There is a branch in Osaka.

Study in Japan: Working in Japan After Graduation

The website “Study in Japan” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides support for the placement of foreign students in Japanese companies.

The Immigration Bureau of Japan

The Immigration Bureau website provides useful links, information, and supporting material for your job search and visa questions.

The local Osaka branch of the Immigration Bureau is located at:
1-29-53, Nankou Kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka City, Osaka.

2. Can I visit the campus?

Yes, campus visits can be arranged by contacting the School of Human Sciences through this link. For details, please see the Campus Visit.

3. Can I work in Japan while in the Human Sciences program?

Yes, foreign students may work a maximum of 28 hours a week during the school semester, and 50 hours during the break between semesters. You can find more information here

4. Can I talk to current students in the Human Sciences program?

Yes, please contact the School of Human Sciences through this [link], and we will set you up with a student who will answer your questions.

5. Can I participate in on-campus clubs and circles?

Yes, in fact, most of our students participate in regular Osaka university clubs and circles, including sports clubs and music, photography, and art circles.