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International Student Conference

Namie Wilson, our G30 HUS 3rd year, wrote a report of the International Student Conference:


This August, I participated in the International Student Conference in Tokyo. The conference lasted for 9 days, where undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students from all over the world came together to discuss global issues and create policy proposals. The students were divided into six different topics. My topic was about Online Freedom of Speech, and my team and I created a proposal to combat Fake News online. At the end of the conference, we presented our proposals to the public and submitted our ideas to the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Not only did we discuss our academic ideas, we also learned about each other’s cultures, traveled around Tokyo, and experienced Japanese culture together. I personally loved exchanging souvenirs from the places we live and trying out soran-bushi, Japanese traditional dancing. This conference was a wonderful opportunity for me to meet bright and ambitious students from around the world. Each and every person was so friendly, kind, and talented. Although we met each other for the first time, by the end of the 9 days, we were all a family. I truly recommend joining this conference for anyone who is interested in meeting new people and has a desire for making a difference in the world!