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Here is a letter from Josh, a second year student in our program about his recent debate. Thank you, Josh.


Debate is a thought-provoking, interesting, and rewarding community so I’d thought I’d like to share.
Information about the pictures in order:
1. ICUT – international debate competition (Asian style 3v3) at ICU in Tokyo. We placed as quarterfinalist and individually, I was the 8th overall best speaker
2. Gemeni Cup – a national competition in Tokyo. I was the 4th best speaker and octofinalist.
3. Kyushu Debate Open – an international competition at Kyushu University – we placed in the top 8 out of 72 total teams from all over the world, including Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, UK, Singapore, China, and Korea.


Lego Event in Bahrain

3rd year student Nami in Osaka University’s Lego Club joined in the Lego Fans Event in Bahrain. Here is a report from her.


From the 4 to 8th July, we were kindly invited to display our LEGO work at a STACK LEGO event in Bahrain. Aside from the 53 degree (c) weather, everything was fantastic – Bahrani visitors were warm and gracious, food was great, the attending AFOLs were amazing and the hotel had a pool! We had about 250,000 visitors, which is pretty awesome considering Bahrain has a population of a million.



Yummy Spring Break

The spring break ended and classes started from April 10. Students spent the break in their own way. Here are yummy food pictures from our students during the break. They are from China, Korea, Sweden, and Japan.