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Stonewall Japan

Varun Khanna got elected to the leadership council of ‘Stonewall Japan’ as the National Vice-President. He has been voluntarily involved with the organization for the last three years.


Stonewall Japan was originally created in the 1990’s and has expanded to be a community, support and advocacy group for the Gender and Sexual Minorities in Japan, and consists of any ‘rainbow-oriented individuals’ (academics, journalists, teachers, business people, students etc.) who dream of living in and making this world a more accepting place for everyone.

Varun wants to make Stonewall Japan a better and stronger organization during his one year term as the Vice President by providing and creating avenues for more funding, visibility, academy, advocacy, accountability, community, support and membership.


Varun, giving a seminar on LGBT World Affairs at the National University of Singapore's APRU Forum

Our international students and Professor Beverley Yamamoto at the Rainbow Pride Event in Kansai