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Academic breaks

We have two breaks during the academic year, the summer break and the spring break. The summer break starts in early August and is about 8 weeks in length. The spring beak  starts in early February and is also about 8 weeks in length. Some students go off traveling, some students get work experiences, internships and volunteer.


Asami spent her summer break productively this year as follows.


  1. She visited Manila, Philippines and Ho Chi Min, Vietnam from August 8 to 15 because her plan was

adopted by the Foundation for the Future Fund for Global Engagement, Osaka University.












2. She joined the Japan-the Netherlands Students Conference.










3. She is a member of the Global Terakoya, which is a study group to discuss global issues with Prof.Yabunaka who was the Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs. She took part in the summer camp of the group at a temple in Kyoto.











4. She participated the Japan, China and ROK Trilateral Youth Summit held in Tokyo and Kanazawa, Ishikawa from August 22 to 26.












5. She joined the German-Japanese Youth Summit called Hello Japan 2016 by the JG-Youth (Japanisch-Deutsches Jugendnetzwerk) from August 28 to September 4. They studied on environmental  problems, political issues and so on and made presentations.













6. She went to New Delhi, India for volunteer activities by the Japan Foundation. She got opportunities to meet people who were studying Japanese in New Delhi, a women who was involved in the partition of India, the vice chief of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the Staff of the UNHCR.











Now she is working as a member of the International Development Youth Forum 2017 held in Tokyo from March 12 to 19, 2017 on top of her study at Osaka University. Here is a quote from the Forum.

 – Our mission is “Design Our Future”, which aims at creating a better future with people from both developed and developing countries together. People have different views about development depending on where they were born and raised up. We hope this conference contributes in establishing a mutual understanding and recognize development as a common challenge.