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Student Initiative Research Encouragement Project 2016

We had a poster presentation for the Student Initiative Research Encouragement Project on January 20th at the International Cafe, the School of Human Sciences.


Seven students got the project grants from Osaka University this academic year. Ena’s project was selected one of the best projects. Congratulations!


List of projects

Nami: Robotic Design and Construction Culture: Ethnography in Osaka University’s Miyazaki Robotics Lab


Ena: Social Role of Animal Assisted Education in Japan and their Tasks


Josh, Anna and Taku: Cultural Exchange: Exploring the Process of International Exchange Between Japanese Students and International Students


Rob: Educational in Post Earthquake Nepal: An exploratory Study on How Education Has Been Affected by the Great Gorkha Earthquake


Hanh: Coming to Japan and Working Has Been よかった (Good) for Me. Vietnamese Students as Unrecognized Transnational Migrants in Japan


Clara: Women’s Games in the Japanese Market: A Look at Gender and Contemporary Social Trends Literary Review and Content Analysis of Moshi, Kono Sekai ni Kami  ga Iru to Suru Naraba and Niru Adomirari no Tenbin- Teito Genwaku Kitan