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China, Philippines and Europe

Varun Khanna, who is graduating from our programme, spent his final few weeks visiting Tsinghua University in Beijing on a scholarship to learn more about China and National University in Manila where he was invited to give a special lecture.



Highlights from Tsinghua University, Beijing

Varun received a scholarship from Tsinghua University to ‘Experience China’ through the lens of education over the summer. While at Tsinghua, Varun attended lectures on the environment, education, intellectual history, international relations and politics of China, interpreted a speech for a director at the Japanese Embassy in Beijing, visited a school for China’s elite children,, made new networks, critically engaged with global fellows about China while contextualising the cultural dogmas concerning the questions framing societal structures, explored the Schwarzman College, Confucius Institute and the Confucius ideology as it is ingrained into the fabric of the Chinese society, met head of the Danish cultural center to explore the tapestry of Beijing’s art, and enjoyed the Beijing opera and the Laoshe’s tea house. He has received 5 ECTS credits for his intensive study in China.


Highlights from National University, Manila

Varun was invited by the director of the international office of the National University in the Philipines to give a special lecture to students there. He has the opportunity to speak to over 120 students for two and a half hours, and it was a full house. Representatives from the British Embassy, TATA corporation, Korea etc. also came to listen. The talk mostly revolved around the broader theme of “intercultural connections towards global citizenship”. Varun discussed globalisation, development, post colonialism, labour theory, international education and ideas about living and dealing with this era of the aftermath of the neoliberal assault, and that which presents significant challenges to humanity’s existence such as the environment. Global citizenship education provides a framework to thrive in the fast changing world and to understand and respond to challenges of the 21st century. There was a robust discussion about culture, ontology and enabling transformation with the students who were also very interested in Varun’s life story. Afterwards, Varun received an appreciation reward as a visiting scholar from the academic vice president of the university.



From September 2017 
Varun will be reading for a post graduate degree in Education, Globalization and International Development at a consortium of universities in Europe – the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Amsterdam, Oslo and Malta. He was among 13 students among over 500 applicants to receive the European Commission Erasmus+ Scholarship which covers full tuition, installation, maintenance and a travel grant for two years. 
Good luck, Varun!