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Autumn Nationals – Debate – 9/23-24


Here is an article by Josh. Thank you, Josh!



Autumn nationals was held at Ritsumeikan University for two days. After 5 grueling rounds and two break rounds, we managed to bring Handai to the finals (first time in a while lol)  where four teams competed to be this year’s champions.

Aside from Osaka University, it was two teams from University of Tokyo and the last team- Keio University. 
We tried our best in an interesting IR debate but we fell short of victory. Nevertheless, we gave it our all and absorbed a number of intriguing philosophies and perspectives.
The debates I remember most vividly were about free will, cultural appropriation, nuclear warfare, human agency, feminism/”middle-class successful feminists” 
What an awesome weekend we had!!  Thanks to everyone present who contributed to this experience in little and big ways.