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APRU Undergraduate Leader’s Program in Vladivostok, Russia

Three students joined APRU Undergraduate Leader’s Program from July 1 to 12. Here are reports from Sara and Clara.


*From Sara

During the first 12 days of July, I flew to Vladivostok, Russia to participate in the APRU Undergraduate Leadership Program. This program specifically focused on implementing the “sustainable development goals (SDGs)”, and in the 12 days of the program, we learned about it both in and outside of class with students from seven different countries from the Asia-Pacific Rim. Our main task was to present a project at the end of the program which would focus on implementing specific goals of the SDGs, and we were divided into five different groups to work on the project throughout the program. On the last day, the judges gave out awards and I had the honor of being selected as the “Overall winner” of the program. For the prize, I received an invitation to visit Vladivostok once again this December to participate in their Model-UN. In general, I was able to experience and gain a lot from this program, and I definitely do not regret spending my time there. I will never forget all the things I learned there, and I hope to keep in touch with all of the people I met there.

















*From Clara

The APRU Undergraduate Leaders Program held this year at Far Eastern Federal University, in Vladivostok, Russia focused on the theme of ‘Global Challenges for New Generation in the Asia-Pacific Region’. Over the course of 12 days, we participants were given the opportunity to spent time learning from the university’s professors as well as guest speakers from around the globe on the current issues that affect our world and generation. The subject matters including but were not limited to climate change, international security in the Korean peninsula and trans-national business growth. While keeping these topics in mind, participants also formed groups to create a project pitch in alignment with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the final projects included ideas such as development of a community fridge, and university-wide composting systems. Participants of the program came from universities all around the Asia-Pacific, including New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Singapore and the United States. Such a diverse participant body meant that each day was a chance to learn about the customs and cultures of one another, as well as brainstorm ideas from many different angles due to our different backgrounds. As a student from Osaka University, I was given a change to share my knowledge of and experience from Japan in order to contribute to discussions of developing bonds between Asia-Pacific countries, and this trip was an unforgettable memory for me in many ways.




2018 Application Guideline

We uploaded the Application Guideline for 2018 Admissions.


Women’s Leadership Summit

Some of the students in our program are members of UNISC (University Students Chamber in Japan) Kansai and they will hold an event on Toyonaka campus, Osaka University as follows. Here is a message from one of the member.


An event will be held on Sunday, July 2nd aimed mainly at female students (males are welcome to come as well) where six guest speakers will talk to give you advise about how to balance out work and your personal lives when you get a job in the future. This event will be in Japanese, but it would be a great opportunity for those who are interested in subjects such as gender equality or female empowerment.


Please feel free to join them. Please also invite your friends to join them!


Study Abroad in Spain

Here is a message from Emma in our program. Thank you, Emma!


My name is Emma, and I am a third year student in the G30 Human Sciences Programme. I am currently doing a study abroad in Spain at the Autonomous University of Madrid, in the faculty of Liberal Arts. My classes are similar to the courses offered in the Global Citizenship course and are taught in both English and Spanish. I live in the campus dorms with approximately 1,400 other students from over 30 countries. Living in Madrid has allowed me to meet and make friends from all over the world, and reap the benefits of living in an EU country. So far I have visited France, Portugal, The Netherlands, Italy and Belgium! Only 2 more months remain of my year long study abroad, and although I have been given many invaluable opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom, I cannot wait to come home to Japan!



Yummy Spring Break

The spring break ended and classes started from April 10. Students spent the break in their own way. Here are yummy food pictures from our students during the break. They are from China, Korea, Sweden, and Japan.