About Osaka University

About Osaka University

Osaka University finds its beginnings in the Edo (Tokugawa) Period, with the foundation of Tekijuku in Osaka in 1838. Reaching further back, scientific and educational development in Osaka can be traced to the establishment of Kaitokudo in 1724 by five local merchants. Osaka University takes pride and inspiration from these two educational institutions, not founded by Japanese feudal lords, but by local citizens. Both Tekijuku and Kaitokudo pursued scientific truth and knowledge while cultivating virtue and socio-cultural awareness in students. Today Osaka University once again recalls its original spirit and prepares to develop it in the modern day.


“Tekijuku” was an academy founded in 1838 by Ogata Koan. A precursor to Osaka University, it attracted diligent students to Osaka from around the country for study in an open environment of friendly competition. Koan and his Tekijuku cleared the way for a new, modern Japan and educated a great number of leaders that transformed the Japan of then and now.

Osaka University, honoring this heritage from Tekijuku, aspires to cultivate individuals who will contribute to the development of human society on the global stage of the 21st century in its “World Tekijuku,” a modern rebirth of Koan’s legacy.

Initiatives to realize the “World Tekijuku”:

  • Guaranteeing education at international standards and improving the learning environment – the University will implement a quarter system (scheduled for April 2017), university-wide reforms to curriculum and course hierarchy, and design curricula in line with international standards;
  • Accepting a diversity of students and academic staff – the University will double the number of inbound international students (from 8% in 2013 to 15% by 2030) and cross-appointment system for academic staff;
  • Strategically developing international education and research – the establishment of international joint labs to improve the University’s research ability around the world and allow for a greater international presence;
  • Enhancing systems for university reform – the University will extend novel programs in education and research.

Schools and Graduate Schools

10.Graduate Schools
  • Letters
  • Human Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Law and Politics
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Economics
  • Enginnering
  • Science
  • Enginnering Science
6. Independent Graduate Schools
  • Language and Culture
  • International Public Policy
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Frontier Biosciences
  • Law School
  • United Graduate School of Child Development (with Kanazawa University and Hamamatsu University School of Medicine)
11. Undergraduate Schools
  • Letters
  • Medicine
  • Human Sciences
  • Dentistry
  • Foreign Studies
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Engineering Science
  • Economic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Science

Research Institutes and Facilities

5. Reserch Institute
  • Reserch Institute for Microbial Diseases
  • Joining & Welding Reserch Institute
  • Institute for Protein Reserch
  • Institute of Social & Economics Reseach
  • Institute of Sccientific and Industrial Reserch
2.University Hospitals
4 Libraries
World Premier International Research Center
  • Immunology Frontier Reserch Center (IFReC)
Other Facilities
  • International Center for Biotechnology
  • Global Collaboration Center
  • Research Center for Nuclear Physics
  • Cybermedia Center
  • Institute of Laser Engineering
  • Center for Japanese Language and Culture


Osaka University in the World/Japan’s University Rankings
Institutional Rankings Publishing Index
QS(World Ranking) 2014/15 Japan’s Ranking Times Higher Education/ Thomson Reuters, World University Rankings Thomson Reuters’ Essential Science Indicators
Citation Index 2013
Nature and Nature Journals
Publishing Index
World Ranking
World Reputation Ranking
55 3 157 50 47 36
Number of Students (as of May 1, 2014)

(  ) International Students

Regular Students Total 23,470 (1,463)
Undergraduate students 15,524 ( 336)
Graduate students 7,905 (1,127)
Non-Regular Students Total 1,070 ( 549)
Students Grand Total 24,540 (2,012)
Academic and Non-Academic Staff
Academic Staff 3,460
Non-Academic Staff 2,822
Part-Time Staff and Others 3,653

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