Student Support

Osaka University provides a wide range of services available on campus that assist you in your study and life in Japan.

General Student Administration Matters

Student administration procedures are to be carried out at the International College Office in the first three semesters and by the Academic Affairs Office (Kyomu Gakari) of the School of Human Sciences from Semester 4 onwards.

Osaka University Health Care Center

Students have access to an on-campus health care center. Their service includes regular medical checkups, physical issues (e.g., sickness and injury), and emotional/mental health issues (e.g., depression).

Health Care Center at Toyonaka Campus Tel: 06-6850-6038 (9:00 am~17:00 pm)
Health Care Center at Suita Campus Tel: 06-6879-8970 (9:00 am~17:00 pm)
Health Care Center at Minoh Campus Tel: 072-730-5151 (9:00 am~17:00 pm)

For more information, please visit:

Osaka University Student Specific Injury Reimbursement Scheme

This scheme provides reimbursement to cover medical expenses for outpatient treatment of injuries befalling students while they are engaged in physical training or seminar/laboratory work as part of mandatory, regular curriculum study. It covers the out-of-pocket outpatient treatment expenses for three days, including the first visit. For further inquiries please contact an administrative officer in the International College Office.

Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research

This insurance plan covers injuries (this term is used here to mean sudden and accidental physical injuries resulting from external causes) incurred while engaged in educational or research activities (i.e. while engaged in regular curricular activities, school functions, or extra-curricular activities), or while commuting to and from the University (this includes travel between campus facilities). All students are required to enroll in this insurance plan. In the event that you incur an injury while insured under this insurance plan, please carry out the appropriate notification procedure promptly at a Student Center.

For inquiries concerning the above please contact:
Toyonaka Student Center
Tel: 06-6850-5023


Students on this Program have priority access to the university residence halls (dormitories) in their freshman year. These are heavily subsidized and convenient for campus life. Rent and utilities combined range between 20,000~25,000 yen a month.

Some students choose to rent a non-university apartment in the vicinity of campus. The cost of renting plus utilities averages around 50,000 yen per month for a typical student accommodation. For more information, please visit the University website and see the COOP guidance:

Inter-Campus Shuttle Bus Service

The University provides a free shuttle bus service between its campuses (Toyonaka, Suita, and Minoh). For more information, please visit the university website:

Wireless LAN Service

Wireless LAN service is available in a number of locations, including the School of Science, the Toyonaka Branch of the Centre for International Education and Exchange, the areas surrounding the benches in the corridors in the Lecture Building of the Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice, the Student Commons, and the Life Sciences Library. To use this service, you will need your Osaka University personal ID and password.

Student Fare Discount Certificates

These certificates are provided in order to reduce the economic burden of pursuing university studies, and to encourage furthering your educational experience. If you wish to avail yourself of student fare discount certificates, you may obtain a maximum of 10 certificates from automatic certificate issuing machines in the course of one year. If you genuinely need more than 10 of these certificates, please apply to the International College Office. Student fare discount certificates are valid for three months from the date of issue.

Automatic Certificate Issuing Machines

Location and hours Certificates issued
Suita Student CenterFirst floor hall 08:30 – 18:00
  • Student fare discount certificates (up to 3 per person per day, and up to 10 per person per year)
  • Student registration certificate
  • Grades certificates (except for the School of Dentistry)
  • Certificates of expected graduation (for final-year students only)
  • Certificates in English can also be issued, except for student fare discount certificates and health certificates Health certificates
Toyonaka Student CenterSecond floor hall
Administration Building of the School of Medicine, Faculty of MedicineFirst floor main entrance 08:30 – 17:00
Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice(Administration/Lecture Building A, in front of Educational Affairs office, second floor)
Administration Building of the School of Engineering (UM1)First floor 09:00 – 17:00
Lecture Building of the School of Foreign Studies, in front of Educational Affairs OfficeFirst floor 08:30 – 20:00
These machines are in service from Monday to Friday, excepting public holidays and end-of-year and New Year’s holidays. During long holiday periods they will be in service until 17:00. Certain individuals may be unable to obtain health certificates from the automatic certificate issuing machines. If this applies to you, please apply to the campus Health Care Center.